近代工业的发展过程中,由于人类过度追求经济增长速度而忽略环境的重要性,导致越来越多的全球环境问题。为有效因应这种情形,ISO国际标准化组织在汲取世界发达国家多年环境管理经验的基础上制定并颁布ISO14000环境管理系列标准,成为一套目前世界上最全面和最系统的环境管理国际化标准;ISO 14000环境管理体系能在体系上帮您识别、控制潜在环境因素,并预防重大环境事故发生,减少环境责任风险。During the rapid industrial development in the past decades, people had ignored the impact on the environment in pursuit of speedy economic growth. This has led to some serious globe environmental problems. On the basis of the experience gained in environmental management by the  developed countries, the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) has established and published the ISO14000 series of environmental management standard, the most systematic and comprehensive standards in environmental management used around the world. ISO 14000 environmental management system provides a systematic approach that helps you to verify environmental hazard potentials, control them and thus prevent critical environmental incidents reducing the risk of legal liabilities.
ISO14000标准的特点ISO14000 in brief
• 旨在实现生态与经济需求的有效平衡Aims to find an efficient balance between ecological and economical requirements
• 关注重大环境因素影响及其控制Focus on significant environmental impacts and their control
• 贯穿计划–实施-检查-纠正的过程且要求持续改进Plan-Do-Check-Act process to achieve continuous improvement
• 重点在于结果、绩效管理工具、沟通、教育与培训Concentrates on results and performance management tools, communication, education and training
• 要求要有管理方针、程序文件、明确的目标、全员参与Requires a management policy, structured documentation, clear objectives and the involvement of all employees
• 融合了ISO9000,OHSAS及其他类似标准Designed to be part of an integrated system incorporating ISO 9001, OHSAS or similar standards
ISO14000的益处:benefits from ISO14000
• 减少能源及材料消耗 Reduces energy and material costs
• 减少污染及废物的排放Reduces pollutant and waste output
• 预防环境事故发生,减少责任风险Prevents environmental accidents and
reduces risks of legal liabilities
• 改善公司财务状况支持可持续发展Improves the company's financial standing and supports sustainable development
• 遵守当地环境规定,调整未来发展方向Compliance with local environmental regulations and adaptability with their future development
• 改善公司在客户及公众心目中的形象Improves the company image among regulators, customers and the public
• 通过持续改进提高管理效率Improves management effectiveness through continuous improvement process